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Techno Pipeline flexi pigs are utilized for both fixing and cleaning purposes. It is best utilized for light and medium garbage expulsion from the inside of the pipeline. Light weight, simple dealing with, effective cleaning and great fixing are a couple of benefits why Techno Pipeline flexi pigs are profoundly famous. Techno Pipeline flexi pigs are utilized for clumping, partition and dislodging.

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With our expert knowledge & feedback from experience of pipeline pigging and our design and development capability, we also develop Specialty Pigs for specific pipelines operations. Our Pigs are used by operators through the construction to decommissioning cycle of a Pipeline, which includes Pipeline Cleaning. TPS provides the widest range of Cup Dimensions for each Pipeline size. Cups outer Diameters are available at increments 6mm / 0.25” for each size of Pipeline, for progressive Pigging of Pipelines.