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Like numerous different applications, the benefits of involving plastic materials for pigs were clear even before the materials were themselves totally created.

  • Low cost
  • Reduced sticking risk
  • Low maintenance
  • High tear and wear resistance

Circles are perhaps of the most seasoned, most notable and broadly utilized pig. They are only utilized as fixing pigs. Inflatable circles are accessible.
A circular shape is great for a mechanized framework in view of the straightforwardness to roll. Various circles can be stacked and afterward sent off at foreordained spans. Uniquely planned stream tees for the circles are likewise accessible on demand.

Foam Pigs

Solid Cast Pigs

Special Purpose / Tailor made Pigs

Spares and Accessories

With our expert knowledge & feedback from experience of pipeline pigging and our design and development capability, we also develop Specialty Pigs for specific pipelines operations. Our Pigs are used by operators through the construction to decommissioning cycle of a Pipeline, which includes Pipeline Cleaning. TPS provides the widest range of Cup Dimensions for each Pipeline size. Cups outer Diameters are available at increments 6mm / 0.25” for each size of Pipeline, for progressive Pigging of Pipelines.