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Pipe Line Services Spares avaible with Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel Bodies with Polyurethane Discs Body M.O.C. which is useful for Gauge Plates, Brushes, Magnets attachment

Batching, Cleaning, Gauging, Magnetic Function Pipe Line Services Spares with size of 1”NB to 48” NB in Polyurethane / Viton / Nitrile Disc Material

Cups, brushes, plates and scrubbers are extra parts that can be utilized with more seasoned pigs saving expense on buying new pigs. These extra parts scratch the pipeline inside while going through the line, this relaxes currently kept garbage and forestalls development of new stores.

With our expert knowledge & feedback from experience of pipeline pigging and our design and development capability, we also develop Specialty Pigs for specific pipelines operations. Our Pigs are used by operators through the construction to decommissioning cycle of a Pipeline, which includes Pipeline Cleaning. TPS provides the widest range of Cup Dimensions for each Pipeline size. Cups outer Diameters are available at increments 6mm / 0.25” for each size of Pipeline, for progressive Pigging of Pipelines.