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Different pig launchers are intended to permit the consecutive sending off of pigs and circles. Utilizing our programmed numerous pig sending off framework a progression of pigs can be sent off into a pipeline without having to more than once depressurise and once again compress after each pig send off. The cycle can likewise be controlled from a far off area. This is especially significant on automated stages like seaward stages and harsh help applications. Circle discharge fingers on circle launchers are utilized to control the arrival of a progression of circles into a pipeline.

Techno Pipeline will configuration pig launcher and recipient frameworks which are ‘tailor-made’ to meet explicit functional requirements.Techno Pipeline produces expansion Pig Barrels to broaden significant barrel length of Existing Pig Barrels. Expansion Pig Barrels comprise of one speedy opening conclusion and one connector to attach the augmentation Barrel to existing Pig Barrel QOEC. Techno Pipeline has expanded significant barrel length of Pig Barrels to empower send off/Get of numerous pigs and review apparatuses.


This can include:

  • Multiple valve operation
  • Automatic or manually operated pig and sphere release systems
  • Integrated skid mounted packages
In addition to the supply of newly manufactured pig launchers and pig receivers, Techno Pipeline provides an inspection, maintenance and refurbishment service to existing in service pig launchers and receivers.Quick Opening and closures .