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Techno Pipeline plans and fabricates tailor made Pipeline Pigs to suit every individual pipeline application. Our Pigging gear is used for applications where ‘standard off the rack ‘ pigging hardware isn’t performing or can’t perform. For instance we have Pipeline Pig Cups and Brushes with external breadths expanding by 5mm for moderate pigging of seriously wax saved pipeline.

Your pipelines are significant resources – they should be taken care of with top quality pigging gear to guarantee pipeline respectability, pipeline support and pipeline stream confirmation. Being an expert pigging organization permits Techno Pipeline to loan their experience to plan and arrange pipeline pigging gear to meet individual pipeline prerequisites, and with an inventive methodology, have the capacity to tackle most pipeline pigging issues utilizing uniquely planned and specially crafted hardware. Techno Pipeline additionally offers gel pigging administrations. Gel pigging is especially helpful when extended pipes are pigged. In expanded distances it becomes basic that the trash which are taken out from the line walls are conveyed forward without line blockage. Gel pigging or compound cleaning methods are performed by Techno Pipeline as well as pigging to clean pipelines.

Techno Pipeline has performed pigging for different administrators and pipeline sizes.