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Housings are utilized to safeguard pipelines. These pipelines generally run along interstates, rail line lines or locales with high movement. The pipeline is required to have been isolated from the pipeline. Techno Pipeline packaging encasings are rounded line upholds; that electrically protect the line and forestall harm. Electrical protection is expected to forestall shorting between the transporter pipe and the packaging.

  • Casing Insulator are used for insulating carrier pipes from casing pipes.
  • Casing insulators are manufactured out of HDPE.
  • Available in various sizes and types to suit the application.
  • Casing Insulator are manufactured in Boltless & Bolted type arrangement.


Pipes are arranged inside a packaging close to streams, expressways, rail routes or other such places where wellbeing is required. The opening between the transporter and the packaging should be safeguarded to forestall unfamiliar material to enter. This opening is an alluring spot for erosion as is expected to be kept dry.
Hand crafts can be made relying upon whether it is another establishment or for retrofitting. Techno Pipeline packaging end seal are financial, simple to introduce and a perfect arrangement.

  • Casing end seals are manufactured out of NB, neoprene and natural rubber.
  • A casing end seal is a means of closing the space between the primary pipe, also known as the carrier pipe, and the larger surrounding pipe which serves to contain it.
  • Without some sort of seal at the end of a horizontal drilling operation, moisture and debris would be able to enter the casing and possibly corrode or damage the carrier pipe.
  • Casing end seals are used during the final stages of trenchless construction.
  • Custom designs can be made depending on whether it is a new installation or for retrofitting.
  • Techno Pipe Services casing end seal are economic, easy to install and a clean solution.