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Pigs are gadgets used to fundamentally clean Pipelines throughout the long term they have been created to do various capabilities.Techno Pipeline is an accomplished and eminent producer of Pipeline Pigs. The solid standing has been laid out over numerous long periods of assembling and providing pipeline pigs to administrators and workers for hire in the oil, gas and cycle ventures. Quality, Dependability and Advancement are the principal Mainstays of our Organization. Techno Pipeline works intimately with administrators to plan and deliver Pigs which offer the best answers for the pipelines where they will be utilized. To accomplish this, Techno Pipeline uses its plan science and designing aptitude to foster Pigs apparatuses that are custom-made to meet the particular necessities of every pipeline. Techno Pipeline fabricates a full scope of utility pigs including:

Metal Bodied Pigs

Foam Pigs

Solid Cast Pigs

Special Purpose / Tailor made Pigs

Spares and Accessories

With our expert knowledge & feedback from experience of pipeline pigging and our design and development capability, we also develop Specialty Pigs for specific pipelines operations. Our Pigs are used by operators through the construction to decommissioning cycle of a Pipeline, which includes Pipeline Cleaning. Techno Pipeline provides the widest range of Cup Dimensions for each Pipeline size. Cups outer Diameters are available at increments 6mm / 0.25” for each size of Pipeline, for progressive Pigging of Pipelines.