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  • Pipe Line Pig Launcher & Pig receiver are used to Launch & receive Pig in Pipeline.
  • Pig Handling Equipment is used for insertion and retrieval of Pipeline Pigs from Pig Launcher / Pig Receiver. 
  • Pig handling system is a mechanical structure which help to handle & load & unload the Pig, Reduce Operator effort & easiness of Pigging process, minimize the work accident.
  • Each Pig Handling system are designed customized for Specific Pig Launcher / Receiver.
  • Pig handling system is available with Paint System as per Client requirement.
  • Galvanize structure is available on request.


Design Feature

  • Available in carbon steel & Stainless steel Structure.
  • Sectioned Push / pulling mechanism.
  • Robust Construction
  • Height adjustment facility on request
  • Safety Locking Mechanism
  • Lined cradle on request
  • Providing safe and effective handling of different kind pigging tools


Pig handling system design based on following Parameters

  • Connecting Pig Launcher & receiver Size
  • Height of Pig Traps
  • Reducer type
  • Slope required In Pig traps
  • Length & weight of Pig